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Where can I buy washBOX?

washBOX Büro

washBOX Showroom -öffnet am 01.12.2019

Calle Pons i Gallarza 86
07004 PALMA de Mallorca.
Balearic Islands | Spain
phone: +34 971 743 845

washBOX Händler

Vickers Yacht Consultancy - VYC

Vickers Yacht Consultancy
Joan Miro 3A, Piso 1, Local C
07014 PALMA de Mallorca.
phone. +34 697 821 931

washBOX Händler


Carrer Miguel de Cervantes, 13, Local, 1B,
07181 Portals Nous-Mallorca
phone. +34 871 115 347


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