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washBOX office washBOX Showroom - opens 01.12.2019
Calle Pons i Gallarza 86
07004 PALMA de Mallorca.
Balearic Islands | Spain
phone: +34 971 743 845

William English - Yacht Engineer
April 2019

We winter in Palma de Mallorca, known for its hard water. Recently we had the opportunity to try the "washBOX" from Aguaris. A black car was washed with dock water, one side using the washBOX, the other without. After rinsing and drying in the sun, there was a marked difference, no water marks on the washBOX side, just clean shiny panels. >The trial was quite a success and we hope to purchase one before our summer season.

PG Nautic - Portals Nous Mallorca
August 2019

We tested our WashBOX on our black company car. We left the car in the extremely hot Majorcan sun - at 31°C, till the hood glowed. This was the hardest condition for us doing this test.
We washed the left part of the hood with normal water and the right part with water using the washBOX. We were very surprised by the result. The normal water left extreme white streaks and lime spots on the hood.
The washBOX side was clean and free from limescale, and we were delighted! It has never been so easy to wash without lime problems in the extreme heat of the day. We will recommend the washBOX to our customers from now on. See the video below.

The washbox in ACTION

by PG Nautic

Our dealer has tested the washBOX on their new black car!

See live the difference when washing with and without washBOX.

visit our Gallery for more impressions

Contact us with any queries


WashBOX Office

Calle Pons i Gallarza 86
07004 PALMA de Mallorca.
Balearic Islands | Spain
phone: +34 971 743 845

Dealer: VYC

Vickers Yacht Consultancy
Joan Miro 3A, Piso 1, Local C
07014 PALMA de Mallorca.
phone. +34 697 821 931


Carrer Miguel de Cervantes, 13, Local, 1B,
07181 Portals Nous-Mallorca
phone. +34 871 115 347


WashBOX    is a product of     Aguaris s.l.